$525,000 CAD Mortgage Calculator
5045 Rue Langevin, Pierrefonds Central West, Montréal, QC, H8Y 2J3

Mortgage Calculator

Term In Years: 
Interest Rate: 
Cost of Home:   
Down Payment:   
Annual Insurance:    0.43% of cost
Annual Property Tax:    1.2% of cost
Monthly Income:   
Monthly Debt:   
Gross Debt/Service Ratio: 
Total Debt/Service Ratio: 
Condo Fees:   
Loan Amount: 
Loan Insurance (%):
Total Loan Amount:
Principal & Interest:
Homeowners Insurance:
Property Taxes:
Condo Fees:
Monthly Loan Insurance (%):  
Total Monthly Payment:
Income Needed to Qualify for the Mortgage:
% GDS Ratio:  
% TDS Ratio:  
Monthly payments:
Loan Payment:  
Total Debt Payment:  
Loan Insurance (%):  
What You Can Afford?
We are using the % ratio.
Cost of House:  
Down Payment:  
Loan Value:  
Monthly payments:
Principal & Interest:  
Property Tax:  
Condo Fees:  
Note: Cost of House = [(Monthly income x Debt Ratio) – monthly tax – monthly insurance – condo fee] / (monthly interest rate/ function of interest rate)